[Easy Way] To Pay your LankaBangla Credit Card Bill through Bkash & Other Wallets!!!!! Read More

Most of us are worried when it comes to pay credit card bills, coz we don’t usually have much options. But no more worries for LankaBangla Credit card holders. Life is Simple for them. Because LankaBangla Credit Card users can pay their Bill through Ucash, BkashSurecash, OK wallet & ipay without any hassle.

And in this Post we will describe you, what the processes are & how you can be benefited by using those payment methods.

LankaBangla Credit Card Payment Partners:

Bangladesh's economy is growing rapidly. So, people here have enough money to spend. They are willing to pay for their product price & Credit Cards are always a great way to enjoy shopping.

Lankabangla credit card bill Payment through Bkash

And since they are able to pay, customers are also looking for convenient payment solutions. And, at that point, LankaBangla Finance is different.

Because LankaBangla has already made partnered with other banks, so that customers can pay their credit card Payment through Banks.

They are;

  • One Bank Ltd
  • AB Bank Ltd
  • Dhaka Bank Ltd
  • Mercantile Bank Ltd
  • Premier Bank Ltd

You can use its all branches across the country to Pay your LankaBangla Credit card bills.

Now we’ll show the process to pay the bills using Standard Chartered ATM Booth. It’s very convenient to use.

Let’s see the Process.

First, insert your LankaBangla Credit Card in any Standard Chartered’s ATM Booth & Enter your Password.

Now, Select “Bill Payment” Option

Select “LankaBangla” Button.

Then, you’ll be asked, are you sure to complete this transaction. Press “YES” to continue.

Now, select “Own Bill” to pay your own & select “Others Bill” if you want to pay someone else’s bill.

Enter your Lanka Bangla card credential’s correctly & Press Yes.

Type your Payment amount & press Enter when complete.

Then you’ll see the full details, like; Bill name, Account no, bill amount in a pop-up window.

So, if you’re correct press Yes & if you want to make any change you can go back & start again.

After successful transaction, your payment will be completed within a minutes.

Pay with Ucash:

Ucash, a mobile banking facility from UCB, is an easy way to pay LankaBangla Credit Card bills from anywhere using the UCash Customer Menu at ease.

So, to Pay Bills, you need to Dial-

  • *268# & Enter your Pin.
  • Select Option "6" for LankaBangla Payment. 
  • Select Your Payment Options & insert your card numbers properly
  • Type your payment amount
  • Type 1(YES) for confirmation

Then you will be notified through SMS after successful payment.

LankaBangla Credit Card Payment with Bkash:

Bkash, most reliable, most secured Mobile banking solution in Bangladesh. Also, because of its availability, bkash has gained so much popularity among Bangladeshi’s.

bkash market share in bangladesh
                              Bkash Market Share      Source: Futurestartup.com

As you can see above, bkash has gained almost 58% market shares of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Bangladesh.

Now, as a lankabangla credit card user, we know that you are always looking for a secure way to pay your bills. And Bkash has brought that solution for you.

Below, Video Tutorial will show you how to pay LankaBangla Credit Card Bill through Bkash.


In this long post, here we tried to show you how to use different methods to pay LankaBangla Master Card dues/bills. And if you have Bkash app, you can easily get benefited from it. So, don’t be tensed & Enjoy your happy life with your family.

And don’t forget to knock us (Any time) if you feel any complexity. Comment your inner thoughts & Share this article with your dear ones.

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