These Dual Currency Debit (Prepaid) Card in Bangladesh Will Help You to Digitize Your Life

Suppose you are surfing in Amazon/ Alibaba. Some amazing product/s caught in your eye & you wanna buy it. But it’s not so easy. Apart from Credit card there is another way. And In this case, all you need to have a Dual currency debit card & most of the commercial banks in Bangladesh is offering you this type of prepaid card with vast amount of facility.

What is Dual currency debit card? :

At first you need to understand, what debit card is, & I am pretty sure we already know this. But again let us give a brief discussion about it,

A debit card is, some sort of plastic card that can be used when we’re making purchases/transactions. It allows a bank customer to spend his/her money by drawing funds which they have already deposited at the bank when opening account.

We can use this card instead of cash. So we don’t need to carry cash with us.

With authorized Dual Currency Prepaid card, you can spend both currency; TK (৳) & USD ($).

So a dual currency is that kind of card where you can use two or more different currencies as well.

Benefits of a Dual Currency Prepaid Card

Every bank tries to satisfy their customers by offering some facility & it’s their main job. Because it’s the main source of revenue for them.

So, since you are using a bank’s International debit card (with foreign currency) in Bangladesh, of course, you’ll get benefited from it.

  1. You can enjoy attractive discounts across the country/globe.
  2. Customer can be rewarded with reward points for every transaction they made using the prepaid international card.
  3. Since this kind of card is widely acceptance, you can enjoy shopping worldwide.
  4. Customers enjoy Flexible Payment Options for having Prepaid MasterCard.

Furthermore, Card holders can enjoy Instant Cash Advance, Free Supplementary Card, lower annual fees, Waiver on Annual Membership Fee, interest free period (upto 45 days) etc.

Note: This kinds of offer varies from bank to bank. Here we just published 

some common benefits of having a Dual Currency Prepaid MasterCard.

Dual Currency Prepaid Cards in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the 29th largest by purchasing power & 39th largest economic country in the world. So, people have enough money to spend at home or abroad.

And its youth generation is utilizing their skills in Freelancing sector very well. They use various methods, like; Facebook Marketing, YouTube marketing to expand their business in Online. And a Prepaid MasterCard will help them to keep one step ahead from their competitor.

Below we are presenting some Banks list who are currently offering Visa Dual Currency Cards to their customers.
Shadhin MasterCard

In collaboration with MasterCard and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), Bank Asia had launched the SHADHIN MasterCard card for the freelancer community so that they can receive their Payments from Market Place without any hassle. It is, by far, most popular Dual Currency Debit Card in Bangladesh.

Freelancers can easily link this Mastercard card with their Payoneer account, also allowed (spend up to 70%) to make any kind of international payments that are related to their work in USD.

EBL Aqua Prepaid Card
Eastern Bank Ltd’s (EBL) Aqua PrepaidCard is our top choice as Dual Currency card in Bangladesh. With EMV chip enabled, this card is more secure, flexible and you can avail this card from any EBL Branches.

SEBL Visa Debit Card

With Southeast Bank's EMV Chip and PIN based VISA Dual Currency Debit Card, you can pay any merchant outlets and enjoy cash out facility from VISA branded ATMs 24/7 anywhere in the world.

It allows customers to make transaction with local and international merchants for shopping, dining, treatment and many other. This card is best example for customers' E-commerce transactions.

EXIM Prepaid Card

The EXIM currently provides a dual currency prepaid card to their customers.
With this Card, managing your dual currency isn’t complicated & also you can enjoy your online purchases, pay bills or shop at POS without any hassle.

MDB Prepaid Card

MDB (Midland Bank Limited) Prepaid Card is a dual currency card, is available both in local currency & US Dollars available at all branches.
As you can see, we presented some top level Bangladeshi Banks who are currently offering Dual currency Prepaid Cards with some key benefits. So, if you are an Internet Marketer who wants to promote business on social media, or a world-wide Traveler, we think, having a one of those cards will fulfill your requirements properly.

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