(Learn) How to BOOST Your FACEBOOK Page With Dual Currency (Debit/Credit) Card in BANGLADESH Like A Professional!!!

So, if you are a business man, you surely want to promote your business. And in this modern era, social media like; Facebook can help you a lot. All you need is to Boost your Business page on Facebook & you’ll reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers in Bangladesh & also around the world.

And in this post, we’ll try to provide different solutions in details.

So, we are going to cover below Topics for you;

  • What is Facebook boosting?
  • How FB promoting can help your business.
  • Ways to boost pages on Facebook.
  • Facebook boosting service in Bangladesh.
facebook boosting service in Bangladesh

What is Facebook boosting?

In a simple sense, Facebook Boosting is some sort of visual ads that create from posts. And to boost a page, at first you need a Facebook Page of your own.

So, since we are doing business, boosting a post will help us to reach more people, more to share and more comments on it. You may also get a chance to reach new people who are currently not following you but might be interested in your business in the future.

For example, Mr Azad is currently running a small handmade craft business. And he even also opened a Facebook page in the name of his business. Let's Suppose; Valentine’s Day is nearby. So he began to think about- how I can increase the sales of my business in this significant opportunity!!!

One of his friends advised that he could try to promote his business by boosting on Facebook with very little money.

What might be happening?

So, boosting his page’s post can help Azad Vai to reach new people who may like it, share it with their friends or even someone may contact with him to place a big order (who knows)!!!!

As you can see, Promote your business on Facebook can help you from many aspects.

How Facebook Advertising can help your business:

Do you know, how many active user’s does FB have? Almost 2.5 billion active users per month & its increasing day by day. Its massive.

So as a business, you always want to promote your business to as many people as you can. And in this modern era there is better alternative than Facebook.

So below we are going to discuss some key benefits which you’ll get by boosting page on Facebook.

Reach potential customers: Let’s just say, your business is located in Dhaka city. Only a few people knows about your business. But you don’t know there are other people all across the country who might be turn into your regular customer. 
So promoting on Facebook is helping you to reach those of yours potential customers.

Build brand loyalty: it’s your dream that, everybody will recognize your business by its own name. And to do that, you need to turn your business into a Brand. And it will only be happen when you become trustworthy on people’s mind.

Networking: we all know that competition is everywhere. So building a better network with your customers will always help you to keep one step ahead then your competitor. Also it will help you to Strength your business connections.

Target Your Exact Audience: Suppose, you are planning something big for upcoming Valentine’s Day. So as a business man you already know whom to target. And since Facebook has vast amount of audiences, you can easily target your exact community by advertising your business on Facebook.

Ways to boost pages on Facebook:

You can see that there are key benefits of boosting your page on Facebook. Now the scenario is, Facebook is advertising your Products/Business to potential customers, on behalf of you. But, this isn’t free. You need to Pay Facebook to run this Ad.

Now the main question is; since you/we are from Bangladesh,
  • How can you make payments?  Or,
  • What are the Facebook boosting cost in Bangladesh?  Or,
  • Is there any Facebook boosting service in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

We will solve above problems one by one.

All you need is, a Dual currency Debit/Credit Card, & you can get it from Bangladesh, coz some first generation banks are offering you to have this kind of cards.

Grab These International debit Cards that will simplify your Digital life.

Dual Currency Prepaid Cards in Bangladesh:

Below Bangladeshi Banks are providing Prepaid International Cards to their customers.

EBL Aqua Prepaid Card

When it comes to online purchasing, or to promote something in online, EBL’s AquaPrepaid Card is the best solution in Bangladesh.
It is an EMV Chip card, loaded with full of benefits.

With more security, flexibility, and convenience, you can avail this card from any EBL Branches.

Shadhin MasterCard

Bankasia basically launched Shadhin MasterCard, to aid freelancers to receive their payments from international market place. But apart from that, this second popular international prepaid card in Bangladesh.
DBBL International Debit Card

Leading Bank in Bangladesh, DBBL is also providing an International Debit MasterCard to its customers.
By offering competitive annual fee, this card is consist of both EMV chip and Magnetic stripe. So it can be used both locally & globally.
SEBL Visa Debit Card

Grab your new SEBL VISA Dual Currency Debit Card, if you want to make your digital life easy.

With this Duel Currency VISA Debit Card, it’s easy to withdraw cash from VISA Branded ATM (any) and purchase products at Point of Sales (POS) terminals around the world. SEBL Visa Duel Currency Debit Card provides instant access to your local account anywhere in the world.
EXIM Prepaid Card

The Export-Import Bank (EXIM) offers their dual currency prepaid card to their customers.
With this Card, managing money isn’t complicated because you can Load the cash onto your card very easily.

Make your online purchases, pay bills or shop at POS without any hassle. So, an EXIM VISA Prepaid Card will give you full freedom of shopping as you want.

Facebook Boosting service in Bangladesh

So, as you can see, there are many bank’s offer dual currency prepaid card with reasonable benefits. And if you don’t like to get this kind of card, there is also a solution for you.

Because, there many service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh who will help you promote your business on Facebook with cheap rate.
  • Unitechbdsoft
  • Nanoit.com.bd
  • Shopup.com.bd
  • Outsourcingall.com
  • Seoaudit.agency
  • Bizbangladesh.com
  • Cyberdeveloperbd.com

Beside those providers, there are many others who are providing same service.

Below Video Tutorials will help you to understand how Boosting really works.

Final Thoughts:
In this competitive era, the more you reach to your customer, more you can expand your business. And since Facebook plays a great role in our social life, use its vast audience to boost your business success properly.

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