Let’s Connect Your CityTouch App with Bkash to Transfer Money & Do More!!!!

City Bank’s Modern Digital Banking Service “Citytouch” is letting us to handle our daily banking activities in the simplest way. Because from air tickets buying, to Mobile phone bill payment, to Transfer funds to Bkash, or to track your Current, Savings or Fixed deposit account details. There are so much things you can do through this app.

And throughout this post you’ll come to know, how City Bank’s online service has made our life easy.

What is City touch:

CityTouch is app based banking service which lets us to deal with our daily banking activity easily. It will help you to experience on demand Digital Banking facility.

City Bank is always there for customers & that’s why they have introduced this Touch&Pay service for us.

CityTouch Key Features:

CityTouch is loaded with some amazing features, like;
  • Fund Transfer from Citytouch to bKash.
  • Open FD and DPS accounts: With the help of CityTouch app, opening an FD/DPS account is very easy & convenient process to do. Even without visiting the nearby branch you can do this from your home.
  • Requesting Pay OrderRequesting you Pay order has never been easy in recent days. With city online banking you can do this instantly.
  • Positive Pay instruction support service: Sometimes we need to give a cheque to somebody. Through Citytouch app you can place a positive pay instruction support to make sure this transaction. For, Corporate/Proprietorship, cheque amount should be BDT 1 lac and above & for Individual account, cheque amount needs to be BDT 5 lac and above.
  • Send or receiving money through e-mail.
  • Sending money with “Cash by code” service.
  • Real time online registration & tracking account info details: 

Furthermore, you can buy air ticket (like Novo Air, Regent Airways and US Bangla), do online shopping (like; Agora, Meena Bazaar and shopping portals like Akhoni.com), pay bills etc.

And we will try to discuss some of its time saving features in details.

Citytouch to Bkash fund Transfer:

Since Bkash is the most widely used mobile banking service provider in Bangladesh, it’s always useful to keep some money in your wallet.

And, citytouch has made this easy. Because from now, & without any charge, you can transfer funds from your account (City Bank) to bKash using Citytouch.

So, below tutorial will help you to understand the transfer process clearly.

Now we’ll talk about city Bank’s another revolutionary feature, which is Cash by Code.

City Bank Cash by Code; withdraws money ATM without any card:

Imagine yourself in a situation, where you completely forget to bring the card with you or right now have nobody to send some money. It happens in our daily life, isn’t??
But don’t worry.

City Bank understands our urgency very well. And that’s why they have bring an updated cash-by-code feature, which allows you to withdraw money from ATM’s without a card.

How to use Cash by code to withdraw money from ATM:
To enjoy this feature, please follow our procedure,

First, download The CityTouch app from above link and log in.
Now from the transfer option select the “Cash by Code”.
Select SMS or Email option to get the OTP.
Enter your OTP & select Generate Code option.
Now with the cash code service, you are ready to withdraw money from City Bank ATM booth anywhere in Bangladesh.

Below tutorial will give you a brief explanation.

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