Can I use AdSense in Blogspot? [ Easy Solution]

How to use Google Adsense with Blogspot??

The kind of question every newbie asks frequently & tries to find solutions. But, you know, internet is full of shit. Nobody will give you proper answer.

But we here for you. wait a little more.

As a newbie, It’s OK though starts your blogging journey with Blogspot blog.(but trust me, I’d suggest not to, why??? I’ll explain later).

Now, back to our question, & the answer to your question is, “YES

You can connect your adsense account with your Blogspot in 2020. Because in Google’s eye, if you are delivering useful contents to your audiences, your website is fulfilling readers quest & by maintaining some requirements you, too, can apply for adsense with your Blogspot website.

So, stay with us coz we are going to cover Blogger adsense approval tips & tricks, requirements in details.

What is Blogger (BlogSpot):

Blogger (Blogspot) is, basically, Google's free blogging platform that allows its publishers to create a blog. It was originally developed by Pyra labs which later was acquired by the Google in 2003.

Since, blogger is hosted on Google, when you create a site in here, your URL’d be accessed from a sub domain like, ""(which is not so professional)

But, Unlike WP, blogspot blogs are very simple and easy to use.

What is Google AdSense:

Google adsense, is basically an advertising platform that allows its publishers to earn money by placing ads on their website, blog or Youtube videos.

According to google, it’s a web-based application which plays you for 
displaying ads on your designated website based on user clicks on ads or impressions.

Actually it’s needless to mention that AdSense is one of the best contextual ad platforms on web to earn some handsome income (if you have huge web traffic) & that’s why everybody loves it.

Site requirements for getting adsense approval:

Its Google adsense’s program policy that, an expert human moderator will review (mine/ yours/others) all the applications & then approve those blogs who have met up their requirements.

So it’s not that easy to fool him & google also doesn’t support that.
But to support their publishers, google has already published what to do, How to do guides, so that we can be benefited from it.

Starting with Quality Contents:

In SEO industry, it’s universally true that, “Content is king”. Without delivering good content You/I just can’t survive here. Why??? Because almost millions of blog posts publish every day. & among them, your competitors also putting their efforts to beat you.

So, to increase your organic traffics, your online visibility, your brand awareness there is no alternative to provide High quality content.

Now, you may ask, what is a high quality content? Or, how to create it?

To be honest, it’s a matter of debate. Because, somebody will say, you have to write 10,000 words of Blogpost. Others will say, you have to put lots of infographics, videos to produce a quality content.

But, whatever you do, or, what kinds of publisher you are, always try to satisfy your readers. Coz your readers are yours main source to grow your business big.

In any online business the Ultimate truth is, LOVE YOUR READERS, GOOGLE LOVES YOU.

So, if you have 20-25 (may varies) read worthy contents, you can get adsense approval easily. And Another Important thing is;

Google AdSense doesn’t & will not approve any copyright contents on blog. So always try to write unique articles.

Sufficient Contents/Pages:

Think your website as a store. Now, as an owner, would you like to start your business with shortage of products?

Of course not. So, make sure you have plenty of products, you can make profits easily otherwise not.

Likewise, before applying for adsense, you should need 18-20(if more, much better) in-dept, well written blog posts, though google didn’t mention anywhere that, how many posts we should need for adsense approval, but think of it as above example.

Anyway, you need to create some category/pages, & you should have at least 4-5 posts under that category.

The more contents you have, more chances for google to put ads on pages & you’ll get chances to earn more.

Copyright content images:

Now-a-days images play an important role in blogging sector. And people like to see relative images with written contents

But most of the new bloggers fail when choosing copyright free images for blog because they search on google & use copyright images.

But web doesn’t work that way. You just can’t use another person’s property without their permission.

And, since you are dealing with google, you have to be careful. If you search just “copyright free images” you’ll see some famous websites which are providing lots of free images.
copyright free images example

You can easily use those free images & if you wish, you can add your site’s logo on any part of it, which makes it more reliable.

Add Must have pages:

Before applying for adsense, you need to create some mandatory pages, like;
  • About,
  • Privacy policy,
  • Contact us,
  • Terms & Conditions.

In your about section, put some information’s related to website, like; what is your site about, why you created it etc. Also, here is your chance to introduce yourself to the audiences.

Privacy policy is also required, if you wish to collect personal information’s, like; name, gender, emails from your users. And if your site is mainly adsense based, then it’s very much necessary.

Give a user-friendly & Professional look:

Again think of your blog as your business. Now, would you start your business without decorating it properly?

The answer is, No. Also try to give your blog a professional look before applying for adsense.

Why?? Because, to satisfy your visitors.

You don’t dare to present an unorganized website to them. & if you do, you’ll gradually lose your traffic & also revenue.


In Today many people living their lives only by blogging income. So, How did they accomplish it? They did it by consistently providing quality contents, resourceful information’s, & only because, they think of their blog as a knowledge sharing medium with their audiences.

So, whichever platform you’re using blogger or Wordpress, there are always good chances to make income from adsense or affiliate. But before that, try to implement our suggestions on your blog & we hope you’ll be succeeded soon.

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