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For a place like India, typing pages can be the best option for earning money. Mainly, the job is quite easy and doesn't take too much of your time. When ones typing speed is good, then this sort of job can help them earn money. However, finding a proper place to get these jobs can be tough.

earning money by typing words in india

So, when you are looking for local Indian typing jobs, there are some easy and great ways to do so. Before we go on with the details, we need to talk about earning money by typing words. So, this content is about how to Earn Money Online by typing pages in India.

Why online typing jobs in India is a good option?

To get into the professional marketplace, you need a proper backup in terms of experience. Also, you cannot just type and earn in the global market. So, if you want to earn money online without investment by typing, the local Indian market is the best possible way. Not to mention, this is a way you can learn some essential aspects of content writing.
Not just that, you don't even have to think about staying all the time, and money transaction is not a huge problem for anybody.

Some simple and easy way to get online typing jobs free registration

Well, there are a lot of ways you can get typing jobs without investing any money. We are not going to talk about the specific sites, of course. However, we will let you fill in on the possible jobs you can get.

Data Entry:

Not the sweetest of jobs out online, but you can go for data entry jobs. There's a vast demand for data entry jobs in India, and many online communities offer these kinds of jobs.
Yes, if you have a laptop or computer, data entry is straightforward for you. Data entry may seem quite dull, but the job is quite straightforward. So, you don't need any specialized training to get the task done.

Blog post translation jobs:

Blog post-translation jobs in india

A lot of Indian sites are coming into view, and they need Hindi contents. However, if you are good at writing and very good at translating them to Hindi, you can find many jobs. Blog post-translation is quite popular in India. Mostly, tech blogs or business blogs are getting translated regularly. It is another way for online earn money by typing on mobile.
You can use your smartphone to get the job done. All you need to do is translate them into Hindi, and the notepad on your smartphone should be enough. There is even an MS word mobile version that is pretty handy.

Document typing jobs:

A lot of company hires people for document typing jobs. Yes, a lot of Hindi, Tamil, or English documents must be typed and turned into an online version. But scanning the documents is always not the best solution. So, you can get typing job posts on the local markets. These jobs are very straightforward and comparatively more accessible.

Facebook post or ad writing:

Another great way to earn money is via Facebook. A lot of business page or group needs people who can write attractive posts or ads for them. These jobs are common and easy to do.

Important FAQ (frequently Ask questions):

Is typing pages a Legit Job? : Like other freelance work on internet, yes, typing page is a real online job. Though you don’t much required any skills to start this kind of job but there some legit sites offer such kind of job.

How much can I earn from online typing in India? : Actually there is no limit how much you can earn from online typing. But if you find some legit sites like above & work dedicatedly, you can easily earn 10,000-15,000 ₹, even more, per month.


Even if you are working in Fiverr or UpWork - there are a lot of jobs in India. These jobs are specifically for Indians, and doing so; you can earn money without any investments. We pointed out some of the best possible ways to Earn Money Online by typing pages in India. You just have to find the job and ensure the payment structure carefully.

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