Five Top Reasons Why Google keeps rejecting your AdSense application (+ Actionable solutions)

Google keeps rejecting my AdSense application, Why??

It’s pointless to say that, Google AdSense is one of the most trusted advertising platforms on the web. It offers easy website monetization to its publishers by fulfilling some certain criteria. And since AdSense is very much strict about their terms, your application will be rejected in no time, if they found any policy violation.

Google adsense disapproved

Because adsense always tries to keep balance between advertisers & its publishers, so that nobody can take some extra benefit from it.

We all know that, google adsense provides wide range of text, images, video, or interactive ads through its ad network & web publishers deliver those ads to their targeted audiences. Both are mutually benefited from it.

As we said above, since those ads are carefully maintained by google, your site have to go through a verification process to become a publisher.

Actually, from one point of view it’s not that hard to get adsense approval & from another point of view, it’s very easy for them to disapprove your application!!

And, to be honest, there are some lacking’s of website management knowledge of ours that works behind for those rejections.

So, what are those????

Google AdSense Application Rejection cause & solutions:

Below we presented some real life causes for which your adsense application might be rejected. & at the same time to overcome that problem, we’re offering some useful solutions.

#)New website:

One of the common reasons for Adsense disapproval is that, your website is too new. Since, nobody likes to talk with a stranger at first sight, likewise, Google also doesn’t want to work with new websites!!!

Think about this situation like this, you just started a new store. So, would you dare lend products to your customers, whom you don’t know already???
Of course, not.

So, to become eligible for Adsnese, your site needs to 2/3 months old, so that both parties can get benefits from it.

#)Poor or inappropriate contents:

Search giant google always wants to provide outstanding service to its customers & to maintain that eco system, it wants to put ads on that website which provides high quality content continuously.

So, if your site have no content or the contents you’re providing, which is poor or inappropriate, then there is high chance for rejection.

So, make sure that, the contents you are publishing, maintain google’s quality content guideline’s & try to attract some organic traffic.

And, most important thing is, don’t try to include,
  • Hate speech,
  • Adults (18+),
  • Illegal drugs,
  • Sales of alcohol,
  • Weapon/ammunitions,
  • Website hacking 
adsense rejects hacking related website

related article, because, google doesn’t like to work with this type of content & you’ll never get the approval.

#)No privacy policy:

Google respects everybody’s privacy & they want the same from us. Actually it’s mandatory that, an adsense approval site must have a privacy policy page so that, if you want to collect user’s personal information, they can know it & ready to give consent willingly.

Don’t worry. You’ll find so many free privacy policy generator sites on the web. Use any one of them & use those terms from your needs.

But remember, No privacy policy = No adsense approval, for sure.

#)Encouraging users to click on ads:

Another reason to get banned from adsense is that, some publishers (in wrong way) encourage their users to click on the ads, so that they can increase their adsense revenue.
clicking on ads

Please, don’t try to do this. Because, in now-a-days google is much smarter than any of us & also, it can detects such kind of activity.

And, main thing is, it’s against their terms & policies. So keep everything natural & organic.

#)Down server & under construction website:

under construction website

Don’t apply for adsense, if your site isn’t fully completed yet. Because, nobody likes, neither Google nor your readers, under construction website & also make sure that, your site can be accessible from anywhere.

And, now-a-days server uptime & downtime plays an important role, because if your website crashes constantly or goes offline, you’ll lose your traffic & adsense both.

Also, if you’re under 18, you can’t participate in Google Adsense program. So you should be, at least 18 years old, otherwise your application will be rejected.

If google thinks, your site’s very difficult for readers to navigate, then your application might get rejected. Because it always tells us that, create your contents for readers, not for google.

So, there are no benefits, if your audience can’t find your valuable article easily. & here, your website design plays a great role.

Different CMS platforms like, Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, joomla here help you to build a user friendly website. Choose any one & build a well-structured site.


You have to remember that, Blogging is a long term game & nobody gets success overnight. You have to be patient & find out what’s the problems are. No need to get frustrated.

After disapproval AdSense team will inform you, why they rejected your application. & after reading this, if you think their rejection falls under our above mentioned cause/s, try to solve them following our guidance & appeal again.

Hope, you started to like our hard work & if you really do, stay with us. More useful information’s are coming & please, don’t forget to share this article with friends.
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