(Financial solvency) Boost Your Passive Income As a Mom In India With These Tips

Different people seek different passive income solutions. So, what about passive income for housewives? Well, finding proper income ideas for working moms is very tough. Especially extra income ideas for working moms is another tough job in India. But in 2021 there are some ways even moms can make their lives better and better.

start passive income as a housewife in india

Online platforms are creating numerous opportunities for people to conduct business. Even working moms can get a decent side work to boost up their income. However, we cannot lead them to any other sites. That's why we are going to talk about passive income for moms in India.

Side Hustle Ideas for Moms in India

First of all, what is passive income anyway? These are small ventures where you require less effort to earn. Just a little amount of time will do for anybody.
So, when you look for to earn some extra as a housewife, it doesn't matter whether you're from Delhi, Tamil, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala etc it gets rough since you don't have a proper guideline. But don't worry.
However, we do have some unique ideas that might pique your interest a little bit.

Create a blog or website:

start mommy blogging

If you don't have a reasonable amount of time, website monitoring can be a great way to earn. Just gather paid articles from other bloggers or writers. After you start doing, you're monitoring. There are so many mommy bloggers out there in India who are earning handsome amount of money only by blogging.
Yes, the ads and other affiliate programs can fetch you the right amount of money. Later on, you can even sell the whole website if you want. For any single mom, creating a blog or website is always the best bet for extra earning.
After getting the website, employing Google Adsense or other affiliate programs can always bring you a good amount of money. But you still have to monitor and optimize the site often to get the money flow running.

Becoming a Social Media Influencer:

This idea is a perfect example of stay-at-home side jobs. After becoming a social media influencer, you can earn money in different ways. If you do sponsor company ads, the company will pay you money.
Be a social media influencer

However, the social media influencer job is not quite the famous thing in India. But still, it can work as the social media sites are jam-packed with followers. This is another great idea for 2nd jobs for working moms.

Creating an online course:

How to make money as a stay-at-home mom? It's easy when you can create some unique online courses for yourself. But for moms, cooking, or gift management, online courses seems like a legit idea. Especially, cooking courses should be the best way to earn money.
online cooking course
It's just like tutoring people about making foods or delicacies. Other than that, home management, jewelry courses also show high demand. Some mothers can even start doing these courses on YouTube.

#)Earn from survey sites:

Whoever thought that giving opinions can earn you money? Well, in today’s era, it’s possible. Any mom who have the time and energy can give their valuable opinions about different matters.
Well, various survey sites offer good money for providing views of different issues. This is another great earning source for many single moms.

#) Also you can make some money by editing images and/or creating infographics if you have a little bit knowledge on Adobe photoshop. But if you don’t there are many online Photoshop alternative platforms out there which performs sometimes better than it.

#) If you’re an expert in Yoga, you can teach others & create a side income from home. Because in this modern world, everyone is busy & also exhausted mentally & physically as well. So, as a Yoga teacher you can help them to live their peacefully.
Virtual assistant: There are different types of easy virtual assistant jobs in online, like, social media page/post management, event management, booking hotels & restaurants, preparing documents you can do without any hassle from home. Also, you can sell your voice as a voice over artist on Fiverr, Upwork etc. 

Also this video tutorial will help you to generate some work ideas for Indian housewives, so that you can earn some money from home.


Whether you are a single mom or just a housewife, earning extra-money will always benefit you. There are only a few side businesses for single moms.
But finding a company without any investment can be hard. Why not search for easy money earning options? We just gave you some ideas about earning money without giving too much time to the job. 

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