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For a country like India, every college students find it challenging to get a decent part-time job. Thus, they look for passive income ideas. Yes, we know that many people search for how to earn money online in India as a student. However, the overall thing is quite tricky.
passive income ideas for student in india
Anyway, we appreciate the thought for students to earn money quickly online, and we are going to talk about the easiest ways for them.

How to earn money while studying in India?

Here, we are pointing out some ways for how to earn pocket money in India.


Blog writing is the best way for Indian students to earn money online. The best part about blog writing is that the students can move on with their favorite topics and discuss them.
blogging as a passive income

Well, for blogging, there are a lot of job options available. Such as ad writing, paid content writing, service writing, or affiliate marketing. Without any sort of investment, any student can do blogging.

Youtube Vlogging:

Another second income ideas in India is Youtube vlogging. Creating a Youtube channel is very easy, and you just have to spend some time to research on your video content. You can even go on with compilation videos, or product marketing on your vlog. It is an excellent way for your favorite camera or editing skills to shine.

Retail Business option:

There are a lot of earning apps for students in India. Not every app is worth it and reliable, but some retail business apps are great.
Yes, you don't need any investment to conduct your business. Just recommend the selected products to your friends, and get paid after each sale.

Designing jobs:

If you are into technical terms such as editing or designing, there are many ways you can seek passive income as a student. Logo designing, T-shirt design, and other designing jobs will suit you the best.

Video and photo editing tasks:

How to earn money as a school student in India? Well, Why not go on with video and photo editing tasks? Youtube VLogging is getting popular in India.
So, going to professionals can cost people a considerable sum of money. If you are confident about your editing skills, why not try that out?

Online Marketing:

So, if you are confident about marketing strategies, online marketing can earn you a reasonable sum of money. Primarily, students these days seek business opportunities that require less investment. Affiliate marketing or ensuring other pages to rank on Google is a great way to earn money.

Social media moderator:

Social media moderator jobs are interesting, of course. Instead, we should say, earn money by chatting in India. Social media marketing is getting popular each day.
social media moderator
A lot of pages or groups are hiring paid moderators to chat with the customers. The best thing about these jobs is that you can chat from anywhere. Giving students the versatility is always a tremendous upper hand.

Completing Micro Task on Fiverr

Fiverr is a professional marketplace, and they offer some micro task that is suitable for students. However, they can always ensure micro-tasks on the platform. It is another excellent way for students to earn money.


Students from India face a lot of problems in finding a decent part-time job. Mostly because of the job structure and the payment structure is not that good - they cannot find a fair amount. However, the online platform is an excellent solution for doing a lot of work. All they need to do is find the best job they can do.

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