Are you looking for voice over online jobs in India? If Yes, then read this out!!

Voice over jobs for Beginners from Home in India

Are from Delhi or from Mumbai? Do you have a sweet voice? Do you want to make some money (Online or Offline)?? If those questions answer is Yes, then I have a good news for you. Because here I’m going to guide you some voice over opportunities in India, so that you can make some extra cash by using your voice. And below websites’ll also help you to find your dream job, like;



People per hour (No: 1 Indian job site)  etc

Voice over online jobs in India

Please don’t leave so early. 

You must be thinking I’m kidding, right? Because you have no previous job experience. Who’ll hire you only for your voice?

The answer is, there are many companies/ freelance marketplaces (Local/Global) out there where you can find as a part time or full timer, depending on your schedule, voice dubbing online jobs.

Now, if you don’t know who/what is voice over acting & how much a voice artist can earn, I’ll help you to get those answer, #First; who is a voice over artist? Answer: A Voice-over Artist is someone who uses his/her voice to narrate something behind the scenario, whether it could be a radio, television, other communication medium. And most of the time they are in a written scripted form.

#Second; How much do voice over artists earn? Answer: Usually voice acting’s are pay per hour type job & on an average, A Voice Artist can earn $10 to $50 & sometimes over hundred dollars per hour.

Now, let me introduce to you some amazing marketplaces where you can sell voice over services not only from India, but also from all over the world.

Voice dubbing jobs from home in India: 

India is full of talents & by using your own talent, you can generate handsome amounts revenue in online & offline also.

But you’re confused, don’t know where to start!! Please don’t & stay with us. 

Because below we’re going to provide you a complete guideline where you’ll be able to utilize your full inherited potentials.

Fiverr: Fiverr is the best marketplace to sell your service as a voice artist & also, of course, our first choice. You know why?

Because fiverr has done some incredible in Freelancing sector. And It’s popularity is growing continuously day by day because of its diversification.

Here By diversification, what I mean is that, if you go to their Dashboard, you’ll see various kinds of job listings where real peoples are selling those services & voice over gigs are very much popular among them.

Now if you look at the below image carefully, (some of seller's are Pro verified, some are Foverr’s choice which means they are making minimum 500-700$, 40-50 thousand Indian rupee per month, which is a very much decent amount of money from home) you can see all of them are selling voice over service to their clients. 

voice over indian artists

And the main part is, they are not only providing in English, but also, in Hindi, Tamil, Panjabi, Telugu voice over freelance gigs which is very much easy for you.


Upwork, formerly known as oDesh, our second choice for part time or full time voice dubbing online jobs. Like fiverr, here you’ll also find much lucrative voice actor jobs opportunities.

And the most notable part in this sector is, not only experts are dominating here, but has huge opportunity for fresher’s also.

So based on your expertise; (Expert, Intermediate or Fresher level) you’ll get your dream job here.

Also, on upwork, you’ll find two types of projects; Hourly or Fixed rate. So you can choose easily on which type of project you’d like to work on.

There are also other freelance marketplace, like,, people per where you may start your career as a voice artist.

So far we’ve talked about international market places where you can find freelance voice over artist jobs. Now let me introduce to you some popular Indian job sites, also offering cartoon/ anime, video game voice actor jobs. 

India’s no: 1 job site,, where you can find (almost every job sector) thousands jobs here. But when it comes to creative jobs, naukri wont’ disappoint you.

From fresher’s to expert, you can find all kinds of voice over jobs here.

Also there are other popular job sites in India, like,, where you can try your luck & we believe, talented one’s always find solutions in one way or another.

Final thoughts:

So, when we watch some telugu/tamil movie in hindi version, we can easily spot the differences, right!!. At present, voice over is a vast industry and also there are huge opportunities out there to establish career as a voice over actor.

Also you can start this dubbing job from home. So if you found one, grab this opportunity.

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