(5+) Best Online E-Learning Platforms for Students in India

Nowadays, online teaching is an essential process for remote education. Due to the post-covid-19 situation, the whole education system has to depend on online education. In this circumstance, the students in India also need to get familiar with some online learning platforms. That helps them to learn more from remote places. 

list of e learning websites in India

In this article, we will share online e-learning websites for Students in India. They are very popular in recent days for their process of education. Moreover, many individual organizations also develop their platforms to provide quality education.

List of e learning websites in India:


Diksha is an initiative of the Ministry of Education of India. In the second half of 2017, the initiative was taken. Also, they have developed their curriculum for the 1st to 12-grade students. Moreover, this digital platform has been designed for both students and teachers.

The online portal offers training courses, worksheets, curriculum, and many assessments to the students and the teachers. The interesting feature of this portal is the QR scanning options.

The students will find more than eighty thousand eBooks to download in pdf format. You need to download the app from the app store to use this tool from your mobile phone.


National Digital Library of India is also known as NDLI in a short form. That is another initiative by the Ministry of Education of India.

The ICT division is the responsible concern for the platform to deliver the students online teaching.

The student can complete their post-graduation from this platform with the online classes and examination. You can say this platform is a hub to connect the teachers, students, researchers, and professionals.

A wide range of Indian language facilities is available on this online platform. It provides more than seventy types of different Indian languages to educate different region students. Moreover, it includes 24/7 hours service facilities for the students.


The topper is one of the popular online learning platforms in India, That provides apps for mobile phones to educate different regional students. The app is capable of providing education to 8th to 12th-grade students.

You can practice and get the progress report from this app. Moreover, you can subscribe to this app to get the easiest learning ways. JEE Main, JEE Advanced, Olympia, AIIMS, NDA, CA are the courses that you can do from them.

Virtual Labs

This Virtual Lab is also another digital educational platform that associates with the ministry of education. The main aim of this portal is to reach the students of rural areas. Also, to teach them about medical science and engineering.


BYJU’s is the most popular learning apps for Indian students for a long time. They focus on the education for the 4th to 12th-grade students with their mobile apps. Moreover, they include JEE/NEET, UPSC, Bank PO courses, and exams with their app.

The BYJU delivers the conceptual education and learning system to the students. That is why students are capable of knowing the practical knowledge of education. The students can get personalized education from the app by getting an individual mentor.


Over the few months, millions of teachers have started adopting the online educational process. Besides, the students in India are also able to be used to the digital education system. Advancing the digital educational revolutions, many institutes and individuals have established knowledge-based websites.

We have already informed you about the  5 Best Online Learning Platforms for Students in India in the above article. We hope that the information will help you to get the proper education in the digital platform.

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