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Actually everybody wants to make money from online. Someone can do it, others can’t. Those who are earning, follows some ground rules, doing hard work & in the end get success. Now, imagine yourself as a Medical Student who lives in India, also wants to earn some pocket money from online but don’t know, How or Where to start!!

ways to make money from online as an Indian medical student

Please stay with us. Because in this post, we’re going to show some realistic ways & we can assure you by applying those methods, you can get your first income from online.

So, what we want to expect from you is, to have some patient because those ways are not get rich quick opportunities but sooner or later you’ll start earning for sure.

How can an MBBS Medical student make money online?

After reading above preview, you’re feeling energized, motivated enough to make your first income, but also at the same time you’re confused, therefore, asking yourself; does an MBBS Medical student make money from online, really?

So, the answer to your question is, “YES”. While studying in Medical College in India you also can earn some/big, depends on you, amount of money by following below methods, like;

  • Blogging, 
  • Vlogging (Youtube)
  • Content Writing (Medical related)
  • Online Medical Transcription Jobs etc


(I hope that, you already know, what is a blog, how blog works. So, I don’t feel to discuss here elaborately, but if you don’t know then type “What is blogging” & start reading.)

Blogging one of the most easy (also hard as well) ways to make some handsome of money on internet.

If you look carefully, we just mentioned two different words; Hard & Easy, Why???

Blogging is easy in that sense only if you follow the Basic rules, & on the contrary, it’s very much tough to survive in blogging sector if you fail to follow those rules.

But don’t worry. We’re here to show you the easy way.

So, to start your blogging journey, at first, you need to select your preferred topic/s (niche). According to your expertise, you can choose your favorite subject matter & start writing on that topic.

Now there is one important thing to remember which we described below.

Important Note: (Let’s hope, you’re going to start your first blog on some medical topic/s. if not, then you’re good to go, but if “YES”, then you have to consider Google’s E-A-T Algorithm & This MOZ’s Blog post will guide you perfectly. 

But, the summery is; you have to be an expert on your subject matter since you’re providing opinions which is related to people’s health. If google sees, you’re not providing enough value to your website, your posts not going to rank & you’ll not be able to generate enough income.)

So, the scary of blogging is over & now let's start the light of hope.

Imagine now, everything worked well & you have established your website. Now, how you’ll be able to generate income from your website?

There are many ways, like; Affiliate Marketing, Advertising (mainly Google AdSense), publishing sponsored contents etc.

YouTube: Do you know, what’s the second largest search engine after google? Yes, you’re right. Youtube.

Youtube for medical students

According to Internet Live Stats (see it yourself) Everyday billions of videos uploading on Youtube & it’s not stopping. Why? Because, people love to watch videos.

And the most important facts about human psychology is, people member visual contents rather than other types of content.

Now, if you look at those successful Youtuber’s in India also around the world, you’ll find one common thing among them which is, all of them are working on one particular subject/niche.

what I mean is, if you look at Technical guruji’s channel, all his videos related to (somehow) Technology. And the main mantra to be successful in YouTube is that, you have to add constantly real values to people’s daily life through vlogging.

So, now if you think you have such capacity to do, if you want to turn your passion into your revenue generator source then youtubing is the best option for you.

Medical Transcription Jobs: in this modern world, you can turn every skills into income generator tool. & since you’re in a noble profession, you have plenty of opportunities out there.

Now, if you don’t want to go with blogging or Youtube, don’t worry. We’ll introduce to you with some easy money making options.

Sites like Upwork, Fiverr offers Medical transcription jobs which you can online or offline. Those are comparatively easy than start Blogging.

So, if you’re a first year MBBS Student & want to utilize your leisure time, our suggestion would be, give it a try. 

Final thoughts:

Throughout the article, we try to tell some online income opportunities for medical students, also doctors can implement those, to earn some cash. And as you can see, you can take those options as part time or full time, depends on your schedule.

Hope you like our guidelines, & if you really do, don’t forget to share this.

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