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Educational websites for teachers in india

Teaching is not an easy profession to do. You need vast knowledge to teach others. Nowadays, the educational system has changed. The dependency on online education has increased. Since you're from India, teachers need to acquire knowledge, and they have to depend on online Educational resources; like;

  • PBS Teachers
  • EdHelper
  • Diksha
  • ReadWriteThink
  • A to Z Teachers Stuff
  • Education Observer
  • Scholastic
  • TeachHub,  
more than their previous.

Many educational institutions have been closed for a long time for the pandemic coronavirus. Many of the institutes have to convert their educational process online to go ahead with the future generation. So the teachers who build the future leaders suffer a lot from the changes.

To provide a source of proper knowledge for the teachers; many websites have been developed. Also, web portals have been founded by individuals and institutions.

Many of the institutions have found different types of websites for the teachers too. We will introduce you to the top-rated web addresses that have been developed for the teachers. So, have a look at the Educational Websites for Teachers  to the next:


PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is the vast source of finding digital resources. This website offers many development courses that help to train the teachers to become more professional. The PBS Teachers is also a hub for the different teachers by connecting thousands of trainers online.



This website is a significant resource for the trainers assigned for the 1st to 6th-grade teaching. You will find many lesson plans for up to 6-grade student lessons. Moreover, you can download storybooks from this site without any costs. Also, you may get different resources and gaming instructions for the students.



Diksha has developed the information to educate educators in India. They provide a large number of resources to the teachers, thus they can receive worksheets, curriculums, lesson plans, etc.



The ReadWriteThink is one of the best websites that built a large number of professionals. The website has become the platform of more than 50 thousand professionals, who can share their experiences.


A to Z Teachers Stuff

This is a quick development source for the teachers, where they can find lesson plans, worksheets, and tips for the teachers. That helps to build the teacher's skill and training process to provide quality education to the students.


Education Observer

This site not only provides the resources for the teachers but also provides the resources for the students. Moreover, this website is one of the best portals for searching for jobs. The teachers can share their knowledge, experiences, and problems online.



Scholastic is not only a resource for the teachers. Also, the resource for the students, parents, and administration as well. This website is readable with over 40 types of languages and available in many countries in the world.



The TeachHub is the best service provider for the teacher during online classes. This site is also the source of professional information for the teachers. They provide teaching tools, resources, and lessons to the teachers too.



Over the few months, millions of teachers have started adopting the online educational process. Besides, the students in India are also able to be used to the digital education system. Advancing these educational revolutions, many institutes and individuals have established knowledge-based websites.

Moving towards the online education system, the Indian government has taken a large number of initiatives In this transition of the education system, the government has established many knowledge-based websites too.

We have described the top-rated online knowledge resources in India in recent months. We hope that the article on Educational Websites for Teachers in India will help our teacher; to acquire vast knowledge in digital developments.

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