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Using whiteboards in the online Math class

How can a Math teacher create more attention in the remote classroom?However, this is a common question that will rise on your mind if you are  teaching online.  But with the help of below online math whiteboard apps, Indian math teachers can do this daunting work easily, like; 

  • One Note
  • Slides
  • Canva
  • Jamboard
  • Deskle

Online whiteboard for teaching math's

However, some of our experiences are going to be shared with you next. That will help you to know the answer to the questions.

So, if you are a math teacher, you must use a whiteboard to communicate with your students properly. But When you are going to teach your students online, how can you do this?

Digital technologies are amazing to find the proper solution for online teachers. They have developed multiple online whiteboard tools for remote education. 

Here, you will find the best names of Free Online Whiteboards for Teaching Math and their details.

But before that,

Why to use an online whiteboard in teaching:

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, traditional ways of teaching has changed & now students and teachers are collaborating with each other in online. 

Since they are embracing this modern pattern of teaching system, teachers need tools to visualize his presentation & students need to interact with their teacher. 

So, since we can't get back to physical classroom until the situation gets normal, we can use an online whiteboard software to solve this problem. 

Moreover there are other benefits of using whiteboards in online teaching, like,

#) They can help to make your online lessons more interactive by providing tools.
#) Easy to form your contents as you want.
#) As a teacher you can allow your students to actively participate in quizzes, puzzles.
#) You can easily create your own images, slides & other helpful materials for the lessons.

Online Whiteboards for Math Teachers:

One Note:

One Note is the inclusion of the Microsoft 365 to help the math teachers. The math teachers prefer this online whiteboard due to the math symbol options on it. The teachers can easily add equations and mathematical symbols to deliver the lesson to the students.

The infinite canvas of this tool helps to provide freedom in online math classes. Also, this online tool is the best for those who have touchscreen devices.


Slides are the perfect option for math teachers who want to avoid touchscreen features. You can open this tool on your PowerPoint, and draw with different types of shapes and lines. Moreover, you can insert videos, images, texts in this online whiteboard.


The Canva is a renowned online app that is popular for creating beautiful designs. Different types of presentations with easy options are available in this tool. You will get the most attractive feature on it that is the digital whiteboard.

The users of Canva love to use multiple features of this friendly tool. Moreover, the teacher who teaches math’s in online class appreciates this tool for including the whiteboard feature. So, you may say that Canva is the complete package for online education in recent days.


Google has created Jamboard for their large number of users for free. Moreover, these are the best free tools that can run on any kind of device. The interface of this whiteboard is simple with a few optioned toolbars.

You can easily move this whiteboard to anywhere on your screen. You can insert images, texts, sticky notes, and many more on this digital whiteboard. Also, this whiteboard is perfect for those teachers who are not familiar with touchscreen online whiteboards.


Though Deskle is a paid tool, you can use it as a trial for fourteen days. The features of this tool are useful, thus teachers love to have it for their online classes. The inclusion of multiple types of templates helps the instructor communicate with the students for the highest level. So, most of the schools want to have access to this tool for quality education.

AWW Whiteboard:

One of the mostly free to use & popular whiteboards on the internet is AWW whiteboard. Today aww is now miro.com.

And because of its user-friendliness, teachers can easily use this app to teach students in online.

They can use different colors or pens to make their presentation easier to understand. Also you can add shapes (rectangles, circle) if you want.

Now, we’re going to introduce to you two of the online whiteboards that requires no login. They are absolutely free to use.

You can easily land on their home page & start using them.

And, they are;

1) Notebookcast.com

2) Twiddla.com

3) Sketchtogether.com

4) Whiteboard.Team

5) web-whiteboard.io

6) Whiteboard.fi

7) Ziteboard


An online whiteboard is a handy tool for the teachers who teach maths to their students. With this tool, a teacher can write in real-time, and students can provide their feedback on it. Thus, a math teacher can create smooth communication with the students in the classes.

So, to provide quality learning online, a digital whiteboard is a must. You will find different online tools, but the above tools are the best Free Online Whiteboard for Teaching Math. Because your students can provide their instant feedback, and you can solve their problems instantly too.

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