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The dependency on live teaching technologies is increasing day by day. Due to the post covid 19 situation, many India teachers have to think about the remote education process. Therefore, online live class platforms is the best solution for them. Moreover, a virtual classroom is much more effective than the traditional education system in recent days.And with the help of these live teaching platforms, like;

  • Teachmint
  • Zoom
  • Myclassroom,
  • Wiziq,  

Teaching would be more effective than previous ones.

Teachers are gradually feeling comfortable educating their students through online live class platforms. Besides, all the students can get a proper education by staying in the rural areas. Also, parents feel secured that their children do not need to go to school during pandemic situations.

live teaching online platforms in india

Also, remote education is much more productive for emergencies such as natural disasters. Thus,
online live teaching platforms have become more popular day by day. So, if you're from India who are facing problems to teach during COVID, we will introduce to you some Online Teaching Platforms where you can interact with your students virtually.

so, stay with us.

Popular Online Live Teaching Platforms for the Teachers

Due to the blessing of technology, people was introduced many teaching platforms that are capable of featuring online live streaming. Moreover, online live streaming platforms provide a lot of facilities to the teachers too.

The teachers can share their screen, and they can use online whiteboards. And, they can prepare a quality presentation to communicate with the students perfectly. Below, we will show you the list of Top Live Teaching Software's for Teachers in recent days:


1.    BrainCert Virtual Classroom

2.    Adobe Connect

3.    IBM Video Cloud

4.    MyClassRoom

5.    Live Stream

6.    Zoom Meeting

7.    Hippo Video

8.   Teachmint

Teachmint: India’s no: 1 online teaching software, is getting popular day by day in teacher’s community because of its all in one features.

Teachers can conduct live classes, interact with students nicely through this app. And the best part of it is that, teachers can conduct classed directly from home through their android app.

Also, some of great teachmint features are;

  • Simple but attractive UI
  • Low cellular data consumption
  • Screen sharing option
  • Share study materials
  • Automated attendance management system
  • Live chatting facility etc

So, from our point of view, currently teachmint has every thing, what a teacher needs to make his online teaching effective.

Zoom: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools has to close down their regular activities. Students start their education program from home. So, the Popularity of remote learning has increased tremendously in recent days. And in this hard time, Zoom has come as a savior.

With its unique features, like;

  • Free access (up to 40 minutes)
  • Screen sharing / slides
  • Live chatting with students etc

This is a goldmine for teachers to teach their students in online.


Another great choice for remote teaching in india is Myclassroom app. If you want to share your study materials in secure & safe way, upload your contents in all major file formats, a powerful dashboard which lets students to access easily & also have a good user experience, then myclassroom is all in one solution for teaching remotely.

BrainCert Virtual Classroom: Trusted by worldwide, braincert is a full package of what a teacher wants to teach virtually.

If you want to collaborate, conduct live classes, perform live test/exams, then it’s the best opportunity for a teacher to choose.

Features of the Popular Online Platforms

The online live teaching platforms are developed with many helpful features. Let’s have a look at these essential feature details to the next.

Privacy and Security Settings:

The privacy and the security settings of the platforms are so high. So, you can register on the platforms and get a user ID and password to enter the classroom. Moreover, these online platforms are protected from online viruses too.

High Definition Video Resolutions:

To provide a quality education through online classes, you must need a high-quality resolution to share your screens. Thus you can explain your thoughts to the students. So, you can get high-resolution from these online platforms.


Recording Capacity

If you get a recording capacity in your online class tools, you can save your time. Moreover, after completing the class you can share the recording with the students who missed the class. Also, students will get help from the recorded files, which are slow learners in the class.

Easy Administrative Options

An online class must have an admin to run the class without any interruption. The above tools have easy administrative options to provide a proper guide to the teachers as well as to the students.

Integrated Library

You can upload your presentation, video, audio, documents, and HTML files on these online platforms. So that you can get a virtual library to showcase your essential files. The online platforms are capable of supporting multiple types of file formats such as PDF, WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV, and so on. 


In conclusion, we have to agree that online platforms have made a revolutionary change in the education system. The dependency on the online tools for communication with the student has been increased for the the teachers.

Most of the teachers want to learn about the latest technologies and prefer the easiest online tool to take remote classes. That's why the introduction of Live Teaching Platforms has many important for teachers to teach remote students in this modern world.

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