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 Nowadays, online teaching is an essential process for remote education. Due to the post-covid-19 situation, the whole education system has to depend on online education. In this circumstance, teachers must need to use some presentation tools to teach their students interactively.

A presentation is the best way to communicate with the audience properly. When it comes to communicating with the audience online, you have to depend on a useful tool to present your knowledge. In this article, we will introduce to you with some handy Online Presentation Tools for Teachers to communicate with the students comfortably, like;

  • Animoto
  • Haiku Deck
  • Canva
  • Gloster
  • Keynote
  • ShowMe

online presentation software for teachers

Best Online Presentation Software for Teachers:


Visual beautification is the high attraction for a quality presentation. The first thing that seeks attention to the audience is the graphics quality of a slide show. This Canva online presentation creator is one of the popular apps to the trainer due to its graphics quality.

The graphics quality and the user options of the Canva are much attractive. Moreover, this tool is free to the users, and they can customize the template easily. Also, the user can customize images, videos, calendars, and so many things on it.

Haiku Deck:

Another popular online presentation creator is known as the Haiku Deco. This online app is very user-friendly, and you will find a large number of photos in the app gallery. The teachers who want to create a presentation using fewer texts; this app is the right choice.

Included, the Haiku Deco is a favorite tool for many people who love to prepare image-based texts. By using images with text, the audience can communicate with the presenter quickly. So, this app is perfect for those who want to create presentations. That focuses on the image instead of texts.

Wait a sec. All we are here trying to introduce to you with some online presentation makers, but I think there are a few questions arises on your mind in this regard, like, what are the importance of presentation in teaching?

Answers: there are several benefits of presentation in teaching, like;

1st) it helps teachers to interact with students smoothly.

2nd) it helps students to keep focused in the classroom

3rd) helps a teacher to make understand a difficult problem easily.

Now, let’s back on track again.


Gloster is the leading presentation-creating tool to prepare an eye-catching slideshow. Moreover, this is the best tool for making a multimedia presentation. The content structure and the arrangements of the content segments are easy for customization in this app.


You can guess the core advantage from the name of the app, which is Animato. Thus, you can animate your presentation and make it more interactive. Moreover, this app is the best for making video presentations. A video can reduce much time and communicate with the audience within a short time. Thus the app, Animoto, does it accordingly.


You want to add animated slides, then the Keynote online tool is a perfect choice. This tool is the best for inserting keynotes in the presentation slides. Moreover, you can customize the font style and size in this Keynote app. Also, you can add background graphics for the texts in this tool.


Sharing screens in a digital classroom brings dynamic learning for the students. Thus, the tool: ShowMe has been designed to share screen, presentation, voice, and so on. Including these features, a trainer can use a virtual whiteboard to communicate with the students. And, the app is free for iPad users too.


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Due to the coronavirus, the educational institutes start the new process of education instead of the traditional learning process. This change has been shown within the last few months positively. But, the learning process is not in an inactive position. The innovation of modern technology brings the teacher and students together virtually.

Through some digital tools, the teachers are continuing their training process. Moreover, the students are also benefited from the tools to learn remotely.

We are trying to introduce a few Online Presentation Software's which can be used in the Classroom also. Hopefully, our teachers will get some benefits from it and enhance their educational system. 

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