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How to forget your love and concentrate on studies

After a terrible break up, it’s not so easy to forget your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s always been stressful for those who had experienced this situation. But the truth is, life goes on. By remembering your sweet moments with his/her, he/she won’t come back to you. So, what you ultimately need is, to concentrate on your daily work. Or on studying. But one big question is, How to forget someone & focus on studies??

So, can anyone or I focus on study after breakup? Yes, you can really keep focus on your studies by not to get distracted, keeping yourself busy with your homework, talking to your classmates etc. Also you can develop a good hobby which may help you to overcome this situation.


How to make your study plan when your heart is broken?

We don’t blame love for putting you into this situation. We don’t. Why? It’s so much blissful. It’s one of the gods’ most precious gifts to us.

But we must prepare ourselves for when things go wrong. We must think carefully before our actions & accept the outcomes (whatever it is).

But as a teenager, it’s not an easy task. You need to remember that, we don’t get (not always) our loved ones as we expected.

Rather it’s a gradual & continual process. And by following those, you may be productive again.

But one important thing you need to remember that,

“We don’t get (not always) our loved ones as we expect”

Now, what are those processes?

Let’s jump in.

Not to get Distract:

When you’re in a relationship, you always try to spend every moment of your life with your dear ones. You always try to do everything right only to make him happy.

When you’re with him/her, it seems, everything is perfect. But when he/she’s not around you anymore, your beautiful world shattered.

You get into depression. Starts to lose focus from your academic curriculum. But, do you actually think that, is this going to help you?

The Answer is, absolutely not.  

You need to get rid of this distraction. You always need to remember yourself that, he/she not going to with you anymore. He/she not going to support you in your needs.

Here you can do some stuffs, like,

1) Deactivate all your social media accounts for a while.

2) Stop following him/her on social media.

3) Block him/her number from your contact list.

And the most important thing is, you need to accept this reality as soon as possible.

So, our Suggestion is, don’t let him/her to distract you from your determination.

Focus on your Homework:

It’s high time to focus on your pending homework’s, doesn’t it?

Rather than thinking about him/her all the time, try to utilize your time to focus on your pending assignments/ homework’s. That will help you relocate your mind on better things.

Actually we have a better idea for you, which is, if you try a little bit, you can start your own assignment writing service. In that way, you can also earn some money, utilize your time properly by doing some study related works.

Reconnecting with your classmates:

Classmates are the best source to get you back on the right track. After losing him/her, it takes time to get used to with this new situation. And it’s normal.

Now, it’s time for improvement. Reconnect with your classmates. They can (they sure will) help to continue your study effectively.

Take study related advice from them. Share materials. Create a study group.

Participate in volunteer work/education clubs:

We can’t expect that this life/situation will always remain the same. There is always ups & down in our life & we need to accept it.

So, we must prepare ourselves for some possible outcomes. We need to experience new things, explore our other personalities which have been hidden from us for a long time.

And to do that, you need to push yourself to get out your own limitations & kiss the new possibilities. You may try to participate in some volunteering work if you like. Also, you can try to get admit yourself into a debating club/society which may indirectly help you to change your outlook towards the study.

Being Social:

Talk to parents. Talk to your friends. If you trust them, share your current situation with them. Try to concentrate your mind on some social activity.

These kinds of activity may help you to ease your mind & help you to be productive in Study after break up.

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